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On the night of the last harvest and the sanquine moon, the dead are free to roam the lands of the living and unleash a plethora of terror and dread. Damned are those whose path crosses theirs.

Long ago, the elders of the Bogwater village made a pact with a powerful ancient horror: a sacrifice of a small number of the denizens in its name in exchange of protection from the wraiths for the rest. This pact has always been kept secret from the common folk.

To ensure no villager would be forced to commit such atrocities on their neighbours, a particular outsider known only as Sickler is recruited to carry out the necessary evil.

To the ordinary people of Bogwater, they are just another REVENANT roaming the night of horrors.

  • Sneak in the darkness
  • Avoid the villagers
  • Sickle down the haunts
  • Blend into the shadows
  • Sacrifice the offerings

For when the year dies, so does the clemency.

How to play with the buttons on your machine, because it's a game jam game and the instructions didn't make the deadline:

Move: WASD
Run: Shift (hold)
Camera: Mouse
Attack: Left click
Grab/Release body: E
Show Mana Arcana cards: Q

Press ESC to instakill the player, use if you get stuck on collision or something else gamebreaking happens!

Gameplay in short:
Get a feel for the map, figure out where there are sacrificial sites and how to get to them.
Look at your Mana Arcana cards (Q), determine the required site of sacrifice from the card and match the colour to a villager with a similarly coloured aura.
Drag (E) a correct downed NPC to the right sacrificial site.


Tired Student Studio is Satu Anttila, Niina Keränen, Taina Lehtiaho, Elin Masar, Samu Mäkinen, Lauri Puiseva, Taisto Saromäki, Roni Toivonen, Santeri Yliniemelä

Music by Peetu Sainio


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